Log-InIn the course of the competition, various data will be available here for download. Access to certain data is protected by a password that also allows access to the Online Forum and will be dispatched to authorized participants by e-mail this evening.

Tips for downloading filesWith some systems, clicking on CAD files may cause these files to be opened in the browser window - resulting in the display of cryptic garble.

To download properly right-click on your mouse or press CTRL while clicking on the file. Select "Download link..." (for Apple computers) or “Save target as…" (with Windows).

By using these functions, you can also avoid opening PDF files in the browser window. As most browsers include Acrobat Reader as a plug-in, it is automatically opened when you click on a PDF file while being online. Not only will the PDF file be downloaded to your hard disk, but your browser and Acrobat Reader virtually try to read the document online. Even with fast Internet connections this may cause considerable delay. Please download these files, as described above, directly to your hard disk and open them only then.

Software required for reading PDF files can be downloaded here: www.adobe.de.